Featuring hand-sewn and hand-painted cotton duck canvas handbags and digital photo prints of artwork featured on the handbags. There are two handbag styles, roll-up clutches, and metal ring handle bags. The metal ring handle bags can be worn three ways: 1. Grasping the handles 2. On wrist3. Under shoulder.

Designer Jordan Robinson makes each handbag by cutting the canvas, fabric interior lining, as well as creating textile designs using fabric paints, acrylics, brushes, and markers. "When it comes to creating textile designs, I clear my head, listen to music, and just see where the brush takes me!"

She photographs each textile design which is then digitally printed and sold as high quality photo prints. She constructs each bag using a sewing machine and the exterior is protected with an even coating of clear matte sealer.

"I'm looking forward to meeting and supporting fellow vendors at the Asbury Park Bazaar! I love Asbury Park's creative and playful community spirit!"