Artist Lara Casalbore hand paints and hand letters rustic reclaimed wood signs.

"I had my "ah ha" moment about two years ago when i was in my backyard. My husband AKA "Babe" 😉and I have a landscaping company and we frequently come across a lot of wood pallets. You can probably see where this is going. Anyway, we have a pile of wood in our backyard which we use to burn in our fire pit. I pulled a piece out of the pile one day and painted WELCOME on it and gifted it to my friend. I was hooked on painting pallets from that point forward and found myself At the Wood Pile gathering wood to create beautiful timeless pieces.

This truly is a LABOR of LOVE.

I drag big old pallets out of the wood pile, dissemble some by hand and others get the sawzall treatment. Each piece is then cut to size and assembles with nails. The surface is prepped with a good sanding and either a paint or varnish is applied or the wood is kept in its natural state. I hand letter each piece and coat each piece with a wax or a poly if it's headed out doors. I add a finishing touch to each of my pieces by signing the back...branding USA on the wood and adding an adorable label from my shop." - Lara