Handmade in Brooklyn, BODY STUFF is a NO BS skincare line. Their philosophy is to simplify the beauty routine with fewer, better, multifunctional products that are organic, nontoxic, and just awesome. They offer the basic stuff that should be in your bathroom: moisturizers, scrubs, toner/cleanser, lip balms, bath salts, massage candles, and soaps, that are freshly handmade in small batches, unisex, and good lookin'. At the booth, you can even DIY body scrub, and get pampered with hand massages!

"Handmade in Brooklyn in small batches, BODY STUFF products are for anyone and everyone tired of allergic reactions and breakouts due to heavy formulas, greasy residue leftover by artificial ingredients, and hazardous sludge created by chemical processing. We don’t add anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, making each product (that’s right, you guessed it) 100% BS free." - BODY STUFF