Before there was Content + Company, there was simply Content.  Built in 1882, Content is the couple's historic home. It is also an opportunity for John and Courtney to support their family and the community through creativity, relaxation and celebration. Together, they work as a team helping others realize the potential in their own homes as home design and renovation consultants. They also host visitors and special events at Content.

Skilled in woodworking, the pair also sells handmade wooden gifts and home decor at the Asbury Park Bazaar.

"After we were married in 2012, we purchased our home, called Content, which was a fixer upper. It's a historic property and needed a lot of work! We started doing all of the renovations ourselves at night and on weekends, with John leading construction while I focused on design and budget.  The house renovation showed us how well we worked together, and how much we actually enjoyed it. It also showed us that old houses are expensive, so we started a side business selling John's wood home decor to support the renovation. Now, with Content (the house) as our inspiration we are Proprietors of Content + Company which has allowed us to support our family, explore a life following our individual passions and welcome others into our home through creativity, relaxation and celebration." - Courtney Achilli