Featuring handmade electroformed copper jewelry using natural raw crystals and semi-precious stones and more delicate pieces using natural stones and gemstones on silver and gold chains.

Owner Jane Baecher is a jewelry designer born and raised in the Hudson Valley, New York. She's been creating jewelry for as long as she can remember - from making friendship bracelets as a child, to making beaded wire necklaces as a teenager, and working with copper and silver in high school and college. Designing jewelry has always been a passion of hers - so she's happy to be able to follow her dreams of creating jewelry full-time, and excited to share her designs with you. Right now, she is currently working on a new collection of sterling silver jewelry.

"Spending my life in such beautiful surroundings has made me appreciative of the beauty that nature creates, and I enjoy using natural stones and materials to create beautiful designs of my own." - Jane Baecher