A Monmouth-county based organic cut flower farmer/florist that grows both flowers and foliage. Artfully designed arrangements using balance and color for the home, office or as a gift are ready to go. If you have your own vase, sleeved arrangements are also available. Owner Dana Vargo loves to design so she always bring extra flowers and foliage to create something right on the spot.

Although not certified organic, Dana follows the same practices. Being a cut flower farmer, she starts all her own seeds and bulbs at the appropriate time to have seasonal flowers from spring through the first frost. The flowers and foliage consist of the most basic (sunflowers) to the unusual (cotton, artichokes, marjoram). She is constantly on the lookout for something new and unusual to add to gorgeous staples such as Dahlias, Lisianthus and Snapdragons.

"I am not a farmer who also grows flowers, I am a cut flower farmer that only grows what can be used in a jarred bouquet, wedding bouquet, corsage, etc. After the first frost I use dried elements to make seasonal arrangements that will last until the first fresh flowers show their gorgeousness in early spring."

"I am looking forward to being part of a continually growing community where there is a real connection between the artisan and the client at the Asbury Park Bazaar. I love the energy in Asbury Park!"