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Welcome to the Asbury Park Bazaar

The Asbury Park Bazaar is a seasonal market where art, handmade, local goods, and live music converge in the Grand Arcade of Convention Hall, a beautiful, historic, building on the beach in Asbury Park, a unique shopping, dining and music destination on the Jersey Shore.


Every week this holiday season we will be featuring a New Blog!

Meet the Maker: BethKaya

By: Marguerite Chavez


How did your business get its start? It was a windy path. I moved to NYC when if was 19 from Maryland to work and go to school. Spent a decade in corporate marketing and night school at the fashion institute. When I had my son I decided to make a go of jewelry and honestly I fell out of love with the business side. I have a passion for gemology and natural living and had been making my own products for a while. I decided to try that angle and it was really accepted by my tribe! I fused the gemology element and the holistic crafting elements and here we are, a global business!