Onward Wander is a design space and collection of handmade goods, created by artist Lauren Coyle. OW products include home decor (prints and tea towels), accessories (pins, stickers, etc.) and stationery (greeting cards) featuring Lauren's original illustrations and designs. Her illustrations are inspired by travel, nature and the simpler things in life. All her work starts as a rough pencil drawing. It is then later refined as a pen/ink drawing. Once ready, sketches are taken to the computer, adding color and sometimes a few design elements. It's then good to print once Lauren has that "a-ha" moment, where all color, layout and design is in happy unison. OW prints and cards are all printed in-house, and tea towels are screen printed by hand with water based ink.

Lauren loves collaborating with small businesses and individuals, who believe in the importance of design and how it can be an effective outlet for communication and sense of identity. She believes telling your story through art and design is a powerful way to connect your vision with others.

"Onward Wander started with a belief—that there is beauty in everything. Particularly in our everyday lives, we just don’t always stop to notice. It took me about 3,000 miles from home to realize this myself. My first trip abroad, and I was fascinated by all the unfamiliar surroundings, architecture, styles and customs. I found everything new, beautiful and different—taking in each street at a much slower pace. When I returned home to Philadelphia, I found myself appreciating all the little things that I tended to overlook. I was inspired to create more and particularly draw more, giving way to the start of Onward Wander Studio." - Lauren Coyle

A Few of Lauren's Favorites:

working with my hands/creating | coffee with cinnamon | dried flowers
old frames | fire pits | Philadelphia | walking (with music)