Food safe woodware made from locally fallen trees (Ocean/Monmouth counties) including a variety of serving trays, platters, bowls, utensils, and more.

"We love trees. When you love trees you cannot help but fall in love with wood. Our timber is salvaged from sources who see the beauty and value in trees that either; must come down for safety, or have been taken down by mother nature and need to be removed. At Rella Works we specialize in the harvest of live fallen trees during the last quarter of the lunar cycle for superior quality timber, slabs, and lumber. This “moonwood” is then milled, stored, and air dried until the moisture content is just right for our woodwork. Our craftsmen then create one of a kind pieces of furniture with the wisdom of time proven techniques and the respect for irreplaceable modern practices. We make furniture and woodwork that will be passed down for generations." - Rella Woodworks.