application info

Right now, we do not have any applications available. We will be announcing our Spring Bazaar application in end of February 2019 so stay tuned! We will announce the application on our social media sites, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, as well as our email list, so be sure to join.

How to Apply

Once the application is announced and launched, you can apply on our website. Please do not email. This helps our creative team run the application process smoothly. All of our events are application-based except the Valentine’s Bazaar - all vendors are hand-selected for this special event by our creative team.

Upcoming Dates:

Asbury Park Valentine’s Bazaar “Can't Buy Me Love” - Saturday, Feb 9

Asbury Park Spring Bazaar - Mother's Day Weekend, Saturday, May 11 & 12

Asbury Park Fall Bazaar - TBA

Asbury Park Holiday Bazaar - TBA