The Magic of Natural Dyes

Look at this insanely beautiful dye bath and fall in love with Earthly and the free spirited woman behind it all, Jacqui Jacques. Earthly uses botanical dyes to color and print cloth and uses those textiles to craft clothing and home goods.  Jacqui currently lives between Red Bank and Asbury Park, NJ but as she states she's "been living quite adventurously since she graduated college".  Prior to her current home, she lived in northern California and even hopped around Europe for a bit.


Jacqui has always been creative since she was a child but her love of natural dyes, textiles and fiber art happened in college when she studied at the California College of Arts in Oakland.  Jacqui's inspiration is drawn largely from music and the plants that surround her.  Her creative process is sparked by what plants are locally available to her or what friends and florists give to her.  Jacquis work becomes a meditation as she lets go of the control of each design and lets the plants, dyes, textiles and earth guide each piece.

"No day is the same, no piece of fabric comes out like I expect it to.  Every day is messy, covered in flower petals and dirt.  My hands are always a different color and my body usually aches by the end of the day, but I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Jacqui primarily works outdoors.  But her absolute favorite place she has worked was when she lived in the Santa Cruz Redwoods, in a cob house built by her friend.  She dyed over an open fire with redwood cones and eucalyptus and collected her own rain and sea water to make her beautiful textiles.

Come to the Fall Bazaar on Saturday, September 24 to see all of Jacqui's lovely textiles and clothing.  You definitely won't want to miss the Earthly booth!