A Handmade Accessory Line

Check out this collection by Jenna Aliyah.  Jenna runs a small design studio where she creates eco-friendly and vegan accessories.  All designed, hand printed and assembled by her, a true one woman show.

Jenna and her husband moved from NYC to New Milford when her husbands job moved.  Life in the suburbs is quite different than the city but their new home has a separate room for Jenna's studio which is a big bonus.  Her new studio space has really helped with Jenna's productivity and her cat can now join her for naps while Jenna works.

"I find inspiration in lots of every day things.  I love plants, and vintage/tribal prints, and I'm a sucker for anything striped.  Before I design any new print, I spend a lot of time researching and sketching different shapes that I like and eventually something will click and I will have my new print.  All of my designs are repeat and geometric, so all I have to do is come up with one small shape and I can use that to create the large print."

"An average day in my studio starts with coffee, of course. Since I work alone, I organize my process into what I like to call my one woman conveyor belt. I print as much as I can in one color, and while that dries I cut the leather pieces, and bind the ends of the zippers. Once my fabric is dry, I can heat set the ink, and then start the real fun of sewing everything up. I put all the zippers in first, then sew the bodies of the bags. The last step is to make the zipper pulls, set the rivets, and I'm done! "

Jenna will be vending at the Fall Bazaar and will be there on Sunday, September 25th.  Be sure to stop by her booth!

Jenny Vickers