Something For the Coffee Lovers...

Judith Kerrisk is the owner and designer behind Dark and Delicate, a coffee mug and home decor company based out of Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Dark and Delicate makes "unique, fun, one of a kind coffee mugs and burlap prints".

Dark and Delicate is located right in Asbury Park and they wouldn't want to be anywhere else to grow their company.  Judith started this venture about a year and a half ago out of her small kitchen in Wilmington, NC.  Originally, she was hand painting everything, but that proved to be too time consuming and she was only able to make a few mugs a day.  Thankfully, she learned about sublimation, the process she uses to press her art onto the mugs, and she was able to grow her business to what it is today.

"Everything around me Inspires me. Growing up and always living about two blocks from the ocean, I've always loved anything to do with the beach.  The water, the sand, the salty air. Also old school, traditional tattoos. Especially Sailor Jerry. I was always drawn to the bright colors and the bold, hard lines. So a lot of my work reflects both of these things. Once a design pops into my head I need to get it down on paper right away.  That's why I constantly carry around a sketch pad, pencils, and paint. 

Usually preparing for events, like the Asbury Park Bazaar, or wholesale orders, it takes a few weeks to get everything together. Each one of my mugs are hand pressed with my original art pieces. People always ask me about how it's done and are always so interested in how I make the mugs. All the designs are first put on paper, then edited on the computer to make it into the vision I was going for. We have special paper and ink we print the designs on for the sublimation. After that we tape each piece, and then they are put in the press!  Depending on how many mugs we are making it can be an all day process, but I love it. 

I love creating things that people can use and look at everyday. We live for coffee here at Dark and Delicate. Everyone loves coffee, so why not love the mug you're drinking from!"


Dark and Delicate will be at the Fall Bazaar onSaturday, September 24th.  Be sure to stop by and say "hi!" to Judith!

Jenny Vickers