Meet the Maker AP - Whim Jewelry

How did your business get its start?

Several years ago I was felling lost and seeking a creative outlet. I started making mental lists searching for what my next move was. From the time I was a little girl my biggest influence was my grandmother, Marilyn. She was always dressed, and not like your typical grandmother, but dressed in leather, fedora’s, cashmere, and always dripping in jewelry. Some days she wore a few key pieces and other days she was literally covered in fine jewelry, costume jewelry and everything in between. I started the business two years before she passed. The day she was laying in the hospital, about to take her last breath, I gently placed a labradorite bracelet on her wrist and let her know it was ok to let go. She let go, and in that moment I made the commitment to keep going, and keep growing Whim. Looking back, the defining moment was the decision to sign up for a weekend soldering workshop. One class and I was hooked, I then sought training and the rest became….Whim Jewelry.


What motivates you as an artist and maker?

I got a late start, when considering the norm, in finding my true passion (or one of them). I faced a lot of adversity in my late teens and all through my twenties which has definitely made me who I am today. I am motivated by the metaphysical world and seeking beauty in everything tangible and intangible. Creating, designing, and sourcing have become a form of meditation for me. In creating ethereal, simple, and versatile jewelry I’ve developed a deeper connection to the world around me. I am also motivated by my son, Aidan. The day he was born I instantly felt a desire to contribute to creating a higher consciousness and leaving the physical world better than I found it. Part of this has been teaching him the importance of commitment, self-efficacy, and tapping into your inner warrior. 


Where did you grow up and where do you live and work now? What is your favorite part about living there?

I am a native of Bucks County Pennsylvania where I have now come full circle. I spent many years being a vagabond and trying to root myself. The experience and gift of travel has brought me back to my home where I live with my husband, son, two dogs, 4 chickens, and 1 bee hive. I spend my days working from my sunroom studio with the most majestic view. I feel like I live in a fairytale some days.


Walk us through a day in the life in your work space.

My days are a balance of pure ADD and endless to do lists. Fortunately my studio is one of the most magical places I have ever seen. Some days I get lost in the mantras on my walls, the crystals hidden everywhere, and the books and records piled high. But most days I am staring at the “to do” list and just buckling down. A normal day may include sipping espresso (just kidding, I’m usually chugging like a shot) and laying out projects to complete. Once I’ve mapped out my day I start with the hardest and most daunting tasks and then move on. There are always trays of stones to be cut, cut stones, metals, and molds. By the time I’m done the studio looks like squatters have taken up residency and then it’s time to tidy up to start again the next day.


What kinds of products will you be offering at the holiday bazaar?

This year Whim will be offering handmade jewelry from friendly gift price points to one of a kind amazing must have’s. Expect to see beautiful silk tassels done in a modern and sophisticated way, versatile and mixed metal necklaces, one of a kind rings, stacking rings, and our best selling simple druzy quartz rings, extra long threader earrings, 14k beautiful studs, and some new surprises!


What are you most looking forward to at the Asbury Park Bazaar this Holiday Seaso?

I am looking forward to spending a magical weekend at the Asbury Park Bazaar and helping people pick the perfect gifts for loved ones and maybe a treat for themselves. It’s been a few years since I’ve been at this event and look forward to seeing friendly faces.


Why should people shop small / shop local for the holidays and year round for that matter?

I’m excited to be participating on Small Business Saturday. As we become more conscious of where and how our goods are being made, we become more aware of where we are shopping. There is something beautiful about meeting the hands that made what you are purchasing. Creating a community of makers and local shoppers helps boost local economy.


What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday tradition… that’s tough because I don’t come from a tradition keeping family. This year we are starting something new and going away for the holiday and this will be our tradition and for obvious reasons, my favorite.


Marguerite Chavez