Love Stories: Wanderlove Press

By Kate Devine

Wife and husband team Kelli and Brad of Wanderlove Press love finding creative ways to celebrate your story. Together they specialize in hand lettering, drawn illustrations, calligraphy, stationery & paper goods. 

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When did you two meet and how did you get together?
My husband, Brad, and I met through friends back in 2007. His best friend was dating (and is now married to) my best friend, so we found ourselves spending a lot of time together and figured out pretty quickly that we were into each other. Cue a few awkward moments in between, (but what love story doesn't have those?) and we've been together ever since. 

What was it like deciding to start your business together?
My first job out of college was in a less-than-creative field, so I found myself spending nights and weekends toying with graphic design tools and learning the principles of design. A few years later, with quite a few designs and freelance clients under my belt, I listed a few greeting cards online for sale. It was always surprising to me when I'd get a notification that I had sold a card, and that my designs were being used to celebrate big and small events, and honestly, it still is!

In the last few years, as my design aesthetic has changed and developed, and as our relationship has changed and developed, Brad has become my go-to for brainstorming ideas, bouncing designs off of, and more. While I'm in charge of the design and creative, he'll be the first to admit his hand lettering isn't quite up to par, Brad is a huge part in the logistics behind our operation. He's the reason packages get out the door and that the setup we have at festivals and craft shows all comes together.

What is your favorite part about working with your husband?
Our business is just an extension of our day-to-day partnership. Without Brad's support, I'd spend a lot of our already limited hours together in my office getting work done. But working together, we have the opportunity to spend that time together, building something we love and watching it grow. For us, we know each other so well that working together just works for us. 

What will you be offering at the Valentine's Market?
We offer a variety of hand lettered stationery, paper goods, wood signs, and home goods. We'll have a ton of greeting cards that are perfect for Valentine's Day, along with wood signs, coffee mugs, and more that make great presents for all the people you want to say I love you to!

Be sure to stop by and pick up a gift from Wanderlove Press at the Valentine's Market on Sunday, February 12th - noon to 6 pm in the Grand Arcade of Convention Hall!

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