Nothing to Wear to Roller Hall? Vintage Lounge Has You Covered

By Kate Devine

You've probably heard about the pop up roller skating hall coming to Asbury Park's Convention Hall this weekend. You'll probably agree that it will be incomparably the best date possible this Valentine's weekend. There will also be food, libations, and DJ Atom Worth modeling the music and atmosphere after the late ‘70s to early ‘80s roller boogie scene! So get your skates ready, reserve a spot, and don't forget to dress for the occasion... in vintage.

Remember the days of helping friends pick a perfect outfit for a first date? I'm talking about the hopeful, giddy ritual of pairing countless tops and jeans, dresses with tights, and of course the perfect shoes. We made messes of our bedrooms but floated with unparalleled thrill for the possibilities of romance to come.


Revisit that time and find the perfect vintage outfit to wear at Roller Hall, at our vintage lounge! Whether you're taking your new boo, your long-time love, your best friend, or family member, dressing vintage will make Roller Hall even more rad. Our vintage vendors are stocked with clothes from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s for you to rock all night long. Let our vintage experts outfit you like a best friend would.

Three vintage shops on Saturday, Feb 11th and four on Sunday, Feb 12th will be all set up near our newly constructed vinyl cabin, where you can play records (choose from ours or bring your own) and relax with a hot toddy. Serious nostalgia happening all around. 

Why shop vintage? Not only is the hunt for a certain unique, perfectly fitting garment a joy unlike any other, but shopping vintage promotes a greener, more socially conscious earth too. Fashion recycles itself, styles come around again and again. Shopping second-hand and vintage frees you from consuming fast-fashion clothes that don't last the way they should, and keeps you in one-of-a-kind outfits. 

"Vintage clothing makes old stories new, sees no color, no race, no boundaries, bringing people together in perfect harmony across the universe and across times," says Janette MacKay, owner of Harmony Revolution. 

On Saturday, Feb 11th find Penelope Traveling Boutique, Modern Hex, and Junkyard Angel.  

Penelope Traveling Boutique is New Jersey Shore's first traveling boutique and fashion truck, a store front turned pop up shop that hit the road in April 2014. Owner Jillian Jaques is a Jersey Shore native and has worked in fashion for over 15 years. Her boutique features feminine clothes with a bohemian, free spirit style.

Modern Hex is owned by Rebecca Crouse and is based in Philadelphia. Rebecca has an amazing selection of curated vintage clothes from the '40s to 90's. A lot of rare and unique pieces, in addition to handmade jewelry and hand knit scarves.

Junkyard Angel features a hand-tailored curation of select unique vintage meets modern wearable style. Each piece has been carefully selected and most often, hand-altered to enhance the modern esthetic and overall functionality, by creater and owner, seamstress artist, Nadine Fischl. Junk Yard Angel has been a pioneer of renewed vintage fashions, operating since 2004, and previously operating shops in Manasquan, San Diego, and Asbury Park.

On Sunday Feb 12th find Harmony Revolution, Moonmind Vintage, Open Roads and Wooden Tower Vintage Clothing & Finds

Harmony Revolution, based in Ocean Grove, is a treasure trove of fashion from the past that makes its way into your present, all thanks to owner and curator Janette Mackay. Her shop offers truly unique duds you will just won't find anywhere else. 

Moonmind Vintage is inspired by the French tradition of 'pecheurs de lune' or fishermen of the moon. Owner Kate Devine (blog writer as well) believes that the clothes we wear and items we carry become an extension of ourselves, an emblem of our personal stories. I hand pick colorful, unique vintage clothes from across the U.S. and abroad to stock a shop full of pretty pieces to accent your wardrobe and story. 

Open Roads is a collection of vintage and unique clothes from the travels and adventures of Shawnee Naughton. Shawnee travels the world to rock climb, and adds to her shop along the way.

Wooden Tower Vintage Clothing & Finds is an Asbury Park based shop of vintage clothing, boots, shoes, jewelry, art, tchotchke's and other treasures. Owner Maggie's own style and taste is influenced the modesty and practicality in the dress and craft of early 20th century tradesmen, and the rock and folk culture of the 1960's and 70's. "Not only for the music and poetry, but for the expression of individuality and rebellious freedom."

Stop by our vintage lounge and find that perfect Roller Hall outfit. See you there!