Love Stories: Epoch Trading Post

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together, we'll do great things." - Mother Teresa

Valentine’s Day is all about appreciating our loved ones and the special moments we’ve shared with them. That's why we're excited to feature some of our favorite vendor's Love Stories from now until our upcoming Valentine's Market!

Today's story features successful business-partner couple Jenna and Bobby of Epoch Trading Post, an amazing small business that specializes in what they call "functional art" - using photographs to transform everyday household items into little works of art. Continue reading to find out how they keep their love burning and business churning - and be sure to stop by and visit them at the Bazaar on Sunday, Feb. 11th!

When did you two meet and how did you get together?

Bobby and I met on his stoop on Cookman Ave in Asbury Park shortly after I came back from college. I lived on the second floor and Bobby lived on the first. I was ready to pick up and move back to Hawaii when I met him and decided I should stick around a tad bit longer. That tad bit longer turned into forever. 


What was it like deciding to start your business together?

Starting a business together was gradual and scary as hell. We started with vintage clothing and as we got our feet wet we shifted our focus on what we do now. We took a trip down to Austin Texas where my Aunt and Uncle are serial entrepreneurs. They gave us a tour of the city introducing us to every business owner they knew and that is where we learned our trade and what it takes to be successful. We refer to our craft as function art where we take my photographs and apply them ito all of our different items. I take the photo and Bobby makes everything and we do it all right here in Asbury Park. Having the support from our family, friends, and community was huge for us and we are forever grateful. 

What is your favorite part about working with your partner?

Our favorite part of working together is that we get to see each other all the time! There was a learning curve on how to balance a work relationship and a personal relationship but we managed to figure out what works best for us. We also get to hang out with our puppy Matilda all day too! 

What will you be offering at the Valentine's Market?

This Valentine's day market we will be bringing our staple items like our coasters, carabiner mugs, flasks and cutting boards. We have been working on some new items with new photographs and designs. One of those new items is our cosmetic bags but the rest you'll have to come out to the bazaar to see ;)

Jenny Vickers