Love Stories: Little Detour Photo Booth

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Today's Love Stories blog features husband-wife duo Amy and Mike Leslie of Little Detour Photo Booth, New Jersey's first Vintage Photo booth camper and lounge. They've re-envisioned their 1967 Frolic camper into a mobile photo booth and lounge. They renewed the interior, but kept a lot of its original touches in order to create a new purpose for the camper without losing its unique camper style and soul. 

At the Valentine's Market on Sunday, Feb 11th, they'll be offering a vintage Photo "Kissing" Booth for all you lovebirds out there! You can bring your partner or pet to receive one 4x6 print with multiple poses for $10 per "couple." The first 50 visitors receive their photo in a Valentine's frame! They'll also be donating 25% of proceeds for an amazing cause: The Brodie Fund organization which helps pets fighting cancer. 


Amy and Mike's photo booth is available for all types of events, from weddings, corporate events and festivals to fundraisers, photo shoots, and even raves and underground wrestling matches (YES!!) Their love story begins in Syracuse, NY with Swing dancing, old fashioned cocktails, and Dracula. Continue reading to find out how their passion for art, travel and vintage (and each other!) has allowed their romance and business to thrive.

When did you two meet and how did you get together?

Mike and I met in college. He was throwing a Swing dance party with his roommates (not to be confused with a swingers party) and serving old fashioned cocktails. We met there, and anturally caught each others' eye... After that we just kept running into each other...and when I ran into him yet again (maybe he was following me), I asked Mike out on our first unofficial date: the play Dracula, grabbing a late dinner, and a night cap at one of my favorite crappy bars in Syracuse NY. We've never stopped hanging out since.


What was it like deciding to start your business together?

It was always more of a question of what, how, and when. We are always tossing around business ideas, some more serious than others. When we came up with this idea, it just had to be done! Our love of vintage things, our creative backgrounds, and any excuse to travel made it irresistible. That doesn't mean it was easy. I was out of work so we literally had no extra money to throw around, and had no business starting a business. But I don't think we have ever done anything in a conventional fashion or "the right way". Our first event was only a month after we purchased the camper so we hustled like crazy to even get it to an acceptable "trial run" level. We've been changing, growing, and investing in our business ever since. 

What is your favorite part about working with your partner?

Mike and I have the same ultimate vision, commitment, and investment so there's no convincing someone else to see it the same way. We both have separate niches, and handle different tasks so most things run more smoothly. Really, we get to hang out with each other, have fun, and make people laugh.                                                                


Be sure to stop by the Valentine's Market on Feb 11th in the Grand Arcade of Convention Hall to get your Kissing Booth photo with your favorite person or pet to benefit The Brodie Fund. 

Jenny Vickers