Vendors Grow Businesses and Find Camaraderie at Asbury Park Night Bazaar

Of the many things to love about the Asbury Park Night Bazaar series, our community of vendors and partners tops the list. As the Bazaar has grown over the years, our vendors have grown their shops and businesses as well. At the Night Bazaar on Friday we caught up with a few returning vendors to hear about their experience not only selling their wares but also contributing to the character of all that the bazaar is today. 

Epoch Trading Post is a collaborative operation that takes two to tango. Jenna Seitz & Bobby Lazar create art you can use everyday, display, or give away. Photography, which allows you to create emotion as well as express it, is the backbone to the operation. As a partnership built on an adoration for life, bringing photography and art to the public is important to them both.

"Beside showcased photography and prints we create products with a little piece of art attached to it. Our handmade home goods include kitchen decor like coasters, trivets, and mugs as well as smaller items like keychains, wine stoppers, and flasks. We've taken photographs to create functional goods!"

"The thing we love about the Asbury Park Night Bazaar is that there is such a camaraderie that exists between the artists. We love the hustle and bustle of popping up shop, the commotion of shoppers walking through Convention Hall, and most importantly feeling validated for quitting our day jobs and pursuing our dreams!"

"The bazaar has grown our shop tremendously as well as our confidence in ourselves and our business. The best feeling in the world is when someone stops by our booth, not because they stumbled upon us, but because they knew we would be there! How cool is that?! Being at the Bazaar allows us the chance to interact face to face with our customers and being an E-commerce store we don't get to do that often! Our experience at the Night Bazaar has be too much fun. As a graduate of The University Of Hawaii, I especially loved the Aloha Friday theme! We came dressed in our Hawaiian shirts ready to celebrate the kickoff to summer. What is special about the Night Bazaar is that it brings around a different crowd and vibe that is great for business, we get to reach new customers. With all the music and high energy it feels like we are spending a night out but really we're just working, very few people get that opportunity!"

Ophelia Moon Jewelry features handmade jewelry using natural stones. Owner and designer, Noelle Puzino, only started Ophelia Moon in March 2015 but has had many exciting opportunities come her way, most of which stem from vending at the Asbury Park Bazaar.

"The Bazaar allows vendors to connect with the local community, which has helped grow my business. Having shopper's say "I really admire your work" fuels Ophelia Moon Jewelry. What makes the Bazaar extremely special and unique is the camaraderie shared between the Bazaar and its vendors, it is both equal parts "I believe in your vision."

"The Night Bazaar has been an absolute blast to participate in, you feel the energy right when you walk in the door. Where else can shoppers go to grab a drink, shop small and local businesses, listen to live music, and sit out by a bonfire? It also gives the makers and vendors a chance to be around others who share and support the same creative vision. The Asbury Park Bazaar is like no other and Ophelia Moon Jewelry is extremely thankful to have been a part of it."

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Amie's Organics is a all natural, organic based body product line that includes body scrubs, lotions, lip scrubs, lip balms, lotion bars, bath salts & shampoo. Amie Vieira is the founder and creative force behind Amie’s Organics. She began Amie’s Organics in 2015 as a homemade creation for skincare and it soon blossomed into a thriving small business.

"Vending at Asbury Bazaar has been so much fun! The people that live in this area are so kind and hold so much originality. This is definitely a location I will continue to talk about with people. Getting to know our people and discussing skin struggles and the need for safe natural products has brought so many new life long customers. We are very grateful to be here and can't wait for what is to come in the next year!"

Wood Vibrations Restorations is a shop owned by Brian Sienkiewicz and his pup Gypsy. Together they build home decor pieces made from reclaimed wood materials which include coffee tables, bookshelves, end tables, entry tables and so much more! They also make driftwood candle holders that have mantras burned into them like "Awaken", "Relax", "Thug Life" and "Breathe."

"I really love the energy of the bazaar on a busy day. The big crowds, the live bands and the delicious booze. I feel like I'm getting paid to party when I sell here. I sometimes start dancing!  Participating at the bazaars has definitely helped me grow my business. I think because this ishuge stomping grounds for locals and tourists alike. Great for exposure! Plus I offer free hugs which people seem to like."

"The night bazaars are a real thrill! You never know what's going to come from the shadows or out of the woodwork. Gypsy and I couldn't think of a better place to grow Wood Vibrations Restorations."

"The Asbury Park Bazaar is by far one of my favorite events to participate in. The atmosphere and architecture of Convention Hall is a great backdrop for unique handmade products. My business Spoiled Paws Bowtique creates custom collars and leashes with matching bow ties, neck ties & flowers. The night bazaars are filled with great music and fantastic vendors. I have met so many wonderful people at the Bazaar and many have become repeat costumers."

Catch these vendors and more at the last Asbury Park Night Bazaar series of the season, this Friday, June 10th, 5-10 pm, in the Grand Arcade of Convention Hall, 1300 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park.