Meet the Maker AP - Sunnyside Stitching

By Jenny Vickers Chyb

The Asbury Park Bazaar's "Meet the Maker AP" series highlights local and regional artists and makers that you can find at our upcoming Valentine's Market taking place Saturday & Sunday, Feb 11 & 12, from noon to 5 pm in the Grand Arcade of Convention Hall in beautiful Asbury Park!

Today's #MeetTheMakerAP is Toni Ann-Price of Sunnyside Stitching. Toni makes adorable hand-embroidered hoops of quotes, pictures, and snarky sayings. She uses tons of different fabrics so each piece is really unique. Be sure to stop by and pick up that perfect handmade Valentine's gift from Toni on Sunday, Feb 12th!

1) Tell us how your business got its start.

I've always been a crafty person but I got into hand-embroidery after I had my son and became a stay-at-home Mom. I came across a bunch of cool embroidery sites and Instagrams and thought I'd give it a try! 

2) What motivates you as an artist and maker?

Many things but definitely my love of literature and quotations. I studied literature in college and graduate school and just love the power of and memories associated with a good quote! I also love traditional tattoo art and tattoo-inspired art. And cats! 


4) Where did you grow up and where do you live and work now? What is your favorite part about living there?

I grew up in Point Pleasant and I'm still there now! My favorite part of living there is the familiarity- it's remained pretty unchanged since I was little and I like the comfort of that! I also like that there's always 10 different ways to get where you're going because of all the side streets! Lol! 

5) Walk us through a day in the life in your work space.

I don't think there is a typical routine for my work as I'm always with my son (when he's not in school), so I have to base my embroidering around him. However, I usually do a lot of brainstorming before I actually get to work. Once I'm confident with the ideas, I make the pattern, stencil it onto fabric and get to work! 

6) What are you most looking forward to at the Asbury Park Bazaar this Valentine's Market?

I'm most looking forward to the people who attend. I enjoy meeting and chatting with everyone who stops by my table. I'm also looking forward to seeing the other vendors and finding some goodies to buy! It's a great way to find something fun that could become my new favorite thing!!

7) Why should people shop small / shop local for Valentine's and year round for that matter?

I think it's important because it offers the opportunity to find unique, personal items that you can't find everywhere. Also, shopping local oftentimes adds extra support to a family or helps pay for an activity for their child, etc. and can really benefit the maker or store owner and that's great for everyone!

8) What are you Valentine's weekend plans other than selling?

Roller skating!!!!!! I just reserved my tickets for the Roller Boogie so my husband and I are excited for that!!!!!!

9) What would be your perfect roller skating outfit?

In my mind, it's gold and glittery!! Unfortunately, I don't have anything gold and glittery in real life, so I'll have to make do with some fun leggings! And maybe some hidden knee pads underneath cause I'll probably be falling a lot!! Haha!!

Be sure to stop by and say "hi" to Toni on Sunday, February 12th and pick up that perfect handmade Valentine's gift from noon to 6 pm in the Grand Arcade of Convention Hall.


Jenny Vickers