Meet the Maker AP - Harley Rose Studio

By Jenny Vickers Chyb

The Asbury Park Bazaar's "Meet the Maker AP" series highlights local and regional artists and makers that you can find at our upcoming Valentine's Market taking place Saturday & Sunday, Feb 11 & 12, from noon to 5 pm in the Grand Arcade of Convention Hall in beautiful Asbury Park!

Today's #MeetTheMakerAP is Sandy Gaestel of Harley Rose Studio. Sandy creates beautiful handmade flowers for vases, your wall, on top of presents, your hair...really wherever you want a flower. On Sunday, February 12th, be sure to stop by her booth where you will be able to build your own bouquet (BYOB) with live greens and paper blooms and paper flower wall art.

1) Tell us how your business got its start

I started making so many flowers that I was started not having room for myself! I loved being surrounded in flowers so much, especially ones that I can't kill, and really wanted to bring that to other people.

2) What motivates you as an artist and maker?

PEOPLE! Whenever I get inspired to try something new and am not completely sure what I think of it, I post it to my Instagram to get some feedback and it's exciting to sometimes see a different group of people finding beauty in something that isn't something I would typically do. People are constantly expanding my view of what "beauty" is and I will always be thankful for that.

3) Where did you grow up and where do you live and work now? What is your favorite part about living there?

I am a Point Pleasant native,  where I still live and work. I love being able to bike around my town, head up to the beach or hop on the train and head to the city.

4) Walk us through a day in the life in your work space.

A solid mix of experimenting, researching, painting paper, cutting and stretching paper, and constantly cleaning itty bitty pieces of paper!....and trying not to get distracted by cuddling my dog...

5) What are you most looking forward to at the Asbury Park Bazaar this Valentine's Market?

Being surrounded by the thought and actions of love all day!

6) Why should people shop small / shop local for Valentine's and year round for that matter?

You are supporting someone's dreams. And what's better than giving your loved one something that was started with someone else's sheer love for their product.

7) What are you Valentine's weekend plans other than selling?

Wine, wine, wine, and hanging with my dog :)

8) If your planning to join us at our Roller Boogie in Convention Hall, what would be your perfect roller skating outfit?

It would be being completely painted gold!
....but don't worry, I won't be able to attend it.

Be sure to stop by and say "hi" to Sandy on Sunday, February 12th and pick up that perfect handmade Valentine's gift for your sweet heart!

Jenny Vickers